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CBD Flavorfusions Pineapple

CBD Flavorfusions Pineapple, made with full-spectrum CBD from domestically grown industrial hemp. DIRECTIONS Shake prior to using. Squeeze the dropper

CBD Organic Chocolate Pineapple Crisps

These allergen free chocolate candies taste amazing and have some nutritional contributions! With only one gram of unrefined sugar per serving these dark chocolate bites are loaded with freeze dried fruits, amaranth, quinoa and chia seeds with pure fruit flavoring.  Without any artificial colors or flavors and a crunch crispy rice and fruit each bite provides 5 mg of CBD derived from full spectrum hemp blended with MCT oil. Pineapple is loaded with nutrients, contains disease-fighting antioxidants, and its enzymes can ease digestion.  A healthy and tasty way to add CBD to your diet.