Cathy Bacon and Mark Nadeau met in second grade in our rural Vermont elementary school. Summers spent in the local river and swimming pool. Winters at the local ski area with the little warming shack for hot chocolate and snacks. Halloween floats, high school dances and parties. Mark joined the military and honed his technical and manufacturing skills while traveling the world. Cathy advanced her business career, married her high school sweetheart and they purchased an old farmstead on Vermont with plenty of space for four growing boys and their friends to roam – Hillside Lane Farm.

Fast forward a number of years, weekly ethnic themed dinners with friends, Cathy starting a food company in the farmhouse kitchen, years at local Vermont farmers markets, distribution of locally made artisan foods to building out a food development and production center. Mark returns to his roots in Vermont and joins Cathy to develop and advance brands of artisan food products, both for in-house brands and hundreds of both domestic and internationally based companies.

Hillside Lane Farm overlooking the scenic mountains in Vermont, is home to the pristine organic certified fields growing our industrial hemp. Similar to the high quality foods we have created over the years, our labels reflect clean locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, no fillers, no refined sugars and nutritional profiles that are responsible – lifestyle aware, allergen conscious and with good for you values.

What we eat and how we eat it should not be stressful. Our product lines are created to work into your lifestyle – whether consumed right from the package, added to something else you are eating or making – flexibility, creativity and a healthy approach to what we put in our bodies should be convenient, appealing and tasty. From snacks to spreads, to flavors for your coffee, teas, waters and beverages, oils and extracts for cooking, Hillside Lane Naturals is proud to provide ways for you to add CBD to your daily routine!